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Coming Soon: HealthStyle Podcast

I have been thinking about this for a while and have now decided that I will be doing my own podcast.  Of course, this will take some time.  I really would like to explore this option.  I love posting articles on WomenHealthStyle but I want to do more. Podcasts are great to listen to when you… Continue reading Coming Soon: HealthStyle Podcast


10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When you start seeing food as fuel rather than as something to help with your emotions or when you are bored, then weight loss is more successful.  Total-body health and wellness is a lifestyle.  Ditch the scale and find an exercise activity you enjoy.  However, even though you are eating well and exercising often, it can… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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Happy International Women’s Day

The first International Women’s Day occurred on March 19, 1911. The inaugural event, which included rallies and organized meetings, was a big success in countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. The March 19 date was chosen because it commemorated the day that the Prussian king promised to introduce votes for women in 1848.… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day


What Your Nails Can Say About You

Healthy fingernails and toenails are smooth and evenly colored.  We don't really pay much attention to our nails unless something is wrong, or we are going for a manicure or pedicure.  But our nails can tell us a lot about ourselves.  Paying attention to our nails can give us a clue when it comes to… Continue reading What Your Nails Can Say About You