12 Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

Healthy skin is important for good health.  Skin protects the rest of your body from germs and infections.  Skin is an indicator of overall health.  Here are some foods to consider adding to your diet, that can help keep your skin healthy. 1. Green Tea   Green tea contains polyphenols that are catechins, which are natural… Continue reading 12 Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves.  It contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols.  Recent studies have shown positive effects on health issues from cancer to weight loss.  Here is a list of a few health benefits to adding green tea to your daily diet. 1. Lowers Cancer Risks Studies have shown to lower… Continue reading Health Benefits of Green Tea


When It’s Cold Outside, Try This For Your Dry Skin!

Cold, winter weather can be hard on your skin.  When winter strikes, my skin dries up instantly.  It feels like there is not enough lotion in the world to help with my dry skin.  When temperatures drop, skin can become uncomfortable and dry.  Especially on places like to your hands, face, and feet.  The skin… Continue reading When It’s Cold Outside, Try This For Your Dry Skin!


Oily Skin: Causes and Prevention

Our body naturally produces oils to help keep our skin soft.  But sometimes when the body produces too much, this can cause acne and oily skin.  There are many factors that can cause oily skin from our daily activity, environment, hormones, and largely our genetics.  But I have some simple, easy remedies for you to try.… Continue reading Oily Skin: Causes and Prevention


Home Remedies for Clearer Skin

We all want the kind of skin where blemishes are non-existent. I want that picture perfect skin that is healthy and flawless. I would love for it to be where we don't have to spend hundreds on skin care products and that our skin naturally glows healthy.  But in the real world, we have to… Continue reading Home Remedies for Clearer Skin