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5 Tips On How to Eat Healthy On a Budget

Eating healthy, meal planning, and shopping for groceries can be a real challenge.  I know how difficult it can be to do the shopping and only have a certain amount to spend each month.  I have come up with a few tips on how to eat healthy on a budget that has worked for me.… Continue reading 5 Tips On How to Eat Healthy On a Budget

Food & Diet

Vegan Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?

Vegan, which was originally called Veganism, was a small group of vegetarians that were part of a larger group called the Leicester Vegetarian Society. In 1944, they broke away to form the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society is a group of people who chose not to consume foods that were from animal origin as well as not eating meats. This… Continue reading Vegan Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?


Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is common in both men and women but for women, it is more psychological in women than for men.  Hair is defined on Wikipedia as a "protein filament that grows from follicles found in dermis, or skin."  There are many common causes of hair loss in women but if incorrectly diagnosed, the temporary hair… Continue reading Hair Loss in Women