8 Causes to Eyelid Twitching

Have you ever had an eyelid twitch to the point that you feel like you are going crazy?  I most certainly have and was surprised at how common eye twitching is.

Eye twitching or eyelid tic (spasms) is called myokymia.  It is a repetitive, involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscle.  Usually occurring in the upper lid, it can occur in both lower and upper eyelid.  For most, the spasms can feel like a slight tug on the eyelid.  However, another condition called blepharospasm is a spasm strong enough to both eyelids completely.

Although twitches are painless, they can be highly annoying.  Most spasms resolve on their own but here are a few triggers that can help reduce the risk.

Causes for Eyelid Twitching

1. Caffeine

coffee 2.jpeg

Caffeine is a common trigger to eyelid twitching.  Cutting back on coffee, tea, soft drinks, and even chocolate will help the twitching to stop.

2. Alcohol


Reducing the amount of alcohol being consumed, or even stop drinking for a period of time can greatly reduce eyelid twitching.

3. Lack of Sleep

lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep or being overly tired will cause eyelid twitching.  Get some sleep to stop the twitching from continuing.

4. Stress

sad woman

Being under a tremendous amount of stress will lead to twitching.  Try to find an activity that is stress-reducing to help alleviate the twitch.

5. Dry eyes

dry eyes

Irritated or dry eyes can lead to eyelid spasms.  Typically, people of the age of 50 are more likely to experience dry eyes.  However, people who use computers, take certain medications, or wear contact lenses can also experience dry eyes regularly.  Using a restorative moisturizer eyedrop can help reduce the dryness and eye twitching.

6. Allergies

allergies 2

Allergies can cause itching, swelling, and watery eyes.  Typically, one will naturally rub their eyes, causing the eye to release histamine into the lid tissues and tears.  The release of histamine has found to cause eyelid twitching.  Using antihistamine eye drops or tablets can help with the twitching.  However, be careful because antihistamines can cause dry eyes.

7. MalNutrition

healthy meal

Studies have shown that the lack of certain nutrients can have an effect on the eyes, and even cause eyelid twitching.  Eating a more balanced diet can help reduce the risk of eyelid twitching.

8. Eye Strain

stressed out

It is possible that a change in eyesight can cause eyelid twitching.  Any slight change in vision can cause eyes to work harder than usual.

Staring at computer screens, tablets, and smartphones are another common cause of eyelid twitching.  Muscles in the eye can become fatigued, leading to the eye twitching.  Try to take 20-second breaks every 30 minutes to help reduce the overuse of computer eye strain.  Speaking to an eye care professional about special computer glasses may be necessary.

When Eyelid Twitches Become More Serious

Eyelid twitches are benign, meaning that it is the condition is not serious or is a sign of a more serious medical condition.  However, chronic eyelid spasms may be a symptom of a more serious brain or nervous system disorder.

If you are experiencing chronic eyelid spasms along with any of the following symptoms, then it is time to see your doctor.  Symptoms include:

  • Your eye is red, swollen, or has an unusual discharge.
  • Your upper eyelid is drooping.
  • Your eyelid completely closes each time your eyelids twitch.
  • The twitching continues for several weeks.
  • The twitching begins affecting other parts of your face.

7 thoughts on “8 Causes to Eyelid Twitching”

  1. This happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve always wondered why – a few of these definitely make sense for me like lack of sleep and stress! I am a bit high strung at times. Thanks so much for posting! 🙂

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