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Dear 16 Year Old Me,

This is my way to inspire anyone who has ever had any self-doubt.  Things may not always seem bright, but there is always light even in the shadows.  Live life with no regrets.  You won’t know if you made the right choice until you choose.

Dear Luna,

It’s me, your older-self.  There are a few things I want to talk to you about.  Please do not take this with a grain of salt, but take this seriously.  You don’t want to regret any decisions later in life like I have.

First of all, keep playing soccer.  I know that you feel like it defines you, but it is a really awesome experience and will take you far in life.  You know you love the game, so keep playing.  Make it your priority, you will not regret it.  I know that you love playing soccer but it also feels like you are being forced to play.  You know you love to play, so ignore them.  Enjoy playing because one day, you will not be able to.  (And it won’t be because you got injured.)

Take care of yourself.  Just because you heal quickly does not mean you can be careless.  That “quick heal” you have does not last forever.  When you get injured, do not ignore the doctor.  I know you think recovering early from an injury makes you invincible, but you are not.  Trust me, those injuries come back to bite us in the butt later on.  And it hurts, a lot.  So take your time nursing injuries.  There is no rush to get back in the game.  The game will be there tomorrow, don’t worry.

No bad habits.  Right now, you do not have any.  Avoid any temptation that could possibly be a bad habit like smoking!!!  Even though it may look cool, trust me, it is not.  It is not healthy and it takes you years to quit.  (Not to mention, you gain a lot of weight in the process of quitting).  You know how to be healthy so keep doing it.  We hate being on a diet so do not take any shortcuts to staying healthy because they don’t exist.

Remain yourself.  Do not try to change because of the people you are around.  Change the type of people you hang out with.  As much as I hate to admit it, you know our mom is right.  These friends you have are not exactly BAD people, they just aren’t what you need.  Their ambitions are not the same as yours.  You need to decide what you want and not what others want from you.  I know you are extremely confused right now, but you do know what you want.  Your willpower is so strong right now.  Stop worrying about doing what others want you to do and do what you want.

Stand up for yourself, even at home.  You need to stand up for what you believe.  Do not change or adjust your beliefs just because you do not want to upset anyone.  There is nothing wrong with you or what you are feeling.  Express yourself with your art and with soccer.

Wear what you want to wear.  Ignore that voice outside your head that wants you to wear those dressy clothes.  There is nothing wrong with that style, but it is just not you.  Wear that sports t-shirts and jeans or the hippie clothes you love so much.  Wear what makes you feel good.  And tell her to stop making you wear make-up.  You don’t look dead.  Just ignore her.  Believe me, she will get over it.

Love yourself.  You are a beautiful person and you have a beautiful soul.  Do not let anyone take that from you.  Do not change anything about you, not even to get others to like you.  Keep that confidence and let it shine.  Once you love yourself, trust me, you will find love too.  But do not rush it.  You don’t need love to get through life.  (You don’t want to fall in love with the wrong person).

You are not fat or overweight.  Even though that voice outside your head says those things to you, you are NOT.  Be comfortable with yourself and how you look.  This is the healthiest you will be.  Trust me, there is nothing wrong with the way you look or weigh.

Stop focusing on the bad.  Your life is not as bad as you think.  Keep positive through all the sad stuff.  It gets better and you are too strong to let it get you down.  You feel with your whole heart and that is not a bad thing.  Feeling like that is passion.  Keep that passion because it is very useful for your art and creativity.


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