3 Tips to Keep You Motivated to Exercise Daily

Exercising is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  But it can be easier said than done.  It takes a lot of commitment.  Magazine and blog articles, along with social media, make it seem so easy and quick.  But for some people, it is not that easy.

There are several reasons for wanting to start exercising.  The reason could be because you have noticed unwanted weight gain. Another reason is that it could be you, a close friend, or a family member has been diagnosed with a medical condition such as diabetes.  Or your reason could be that you simply want to get overall healthy.  Whatever the reason, it can still be difficult to exercise every day.

Even finding the willpower to get up off the couch or to find the time in your busy schedule to actually exercise is kind of difficult.  Some days can be more difficult than others.  I have recently decided to add more exercise (other than walking my dog) to my everyday routine.  Some days I can be a procrastinator, feel like being lazy, or even easily find an excuse not to exercise.  But I want to share a few ways that help keep me motivated and maybe they can help you too.

Exercise With a Partner

exercise with a friend

Exercise with someone, like a friend or family member.  Having someone around when exercising can make it easier and more enjoyable.  When I workout with a friend.  For example, we will go for a run or walk.  We start talking and forget that we are exercising.

Make It Fun

group exercise

Make exercising fun rather than a chore makes it easier.  Along with having a running partner, we sometimes decide to go to play basketball or soccer.  When we were younger, both of us played these sports. (which is why we chose them)  But other ideas can be to sign up for dance classes, spin class, or yoga classes.  Find something that will work for you and I promise, it will be so much easier.

Motivate Others Will Motivate Yourself


motivation quote
Special thanks to MagneticImpressions for photo


I set an alarm with some kind of saying that reminds me why I decided to exercise then I do something to motivate others.  For example, at 4 o’clock my alarm goes off on my phone and says “Time to lose that weight!”  Then I will post to my Instagram account with a motivational quote.  It helps keep me motivated.

Let me know if some of these work for you or what you do to stay motivated.



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