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Happy New Year!

2017 is over and we welcome the new year, 2018!  Time to make those New Year's Resolutions! We have had a crazy year in 2017.  Lots of things happened, globally and nationally.  Here's to hoping for a good year, 2018! My New Year Resolution is to have a better workout routine.  I have successfully let… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Thank You for All Your Support!

I am excited to announce that I have 200 followers!  I started this blog a few months ago, and I have had so much fun.  I want to thank each of my followers, on all social platforms!  Your support is very much appreciated and I thank you all!  I hope you are enjoying my posts… Continue reading Thank You for All Your Support!

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Be Inspired With These Famous Quotes

Throughout the years, there have been strong women that have made history.  They have inspired many with their words all over the world.  For those of us who can use some encouragement every now and then, I have found some quotes from these women in history, that have helped me.  Hope these 20 quotes will… Continue reading Be Inspired With These Famous Quotes

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Happy Holidays!

For those of you that celebrate Christmas and will be ringing in the New Year, I wish all of you Happy Holidays!  May all of you be safe, if you have to travel.  And for everyone to be cheerful, healthy, and lots of happiness!  This is a time to be with your families and loved… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

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Paleo Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?

The Paleolithic diet, also known as the Paleo diet, is a modern-day diet that requires the consumption of foods that were consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era.  This diet is also known as the caveman or stone-age diet. The Paleo-style diet promotes a way of improving health.  There are some evidence that this diet… Continue reading Paleo Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?