Start the Exercise: Part 1-Arms

Starting a diet, or just simply eating healthy, may not get you to the weight you are aiming for.  It is hard enough to fight the temptation not to eat those tasty sweets, but adding exercise is even harder.

We have all seen the ads that have these women with full breasts, little waist, and muscular bodies.  Unless we get breast implants and live at the gym while defying our genes, it is almost impossible to look that way organically.  But I have a few ways that should help.  Finding what works for your body and your schedule is best. I just want to give you a few ideas to help you get started.

Find Your Reason

First, you must conclude that this is just as important as anything else you do in your life.  Like eating, for example.  You make time for that multiple times a day.  Consider your exercise just like eating; you won’t live without it. There is a reason you decided to workout.  Find your reason.  Your reason could be because you are unhealthy, overweight, or just trying to look good for swimsuit season. Just focus on your reason for working out.  For me, I want to stay healthy. (Heart disease runs in my family).

When Will You Workout

Then, figure out what will work best for your schedule.  You do not want to set yourself up for failure.  If you are extremely busy in the evening, then consider maybe fitting in a morning workout.  If you are busy for most of the day, then maybe consider exercising right before bed.  For me, my mornings are mostly quiet.  But I am not a morning person.  So I have turned my exercise time to when I get up with my pup.  At first, it was somewhat of an adjustment for my pup.  But now, he expects it and makes it easier for me to be able to get my exercise done.

Where Will You Work Out

After you figure out when, it is time to figure out where you workout.  If you think going to a gym or take a Pilates class is easier for you, I suggest you take advantage.   It is a good way to meet others who may be going through what you are and you can make some great friendships.  But for those who are on a budget, I would suggest picking a room that is quiet and where you are less likely to be disturbed.  Now, I start by taking my pup for a long walk then we head home to workout in my living room.

My living room has big space and I do not need to spend time moving furniture around.  It makes it easier to not get frustrated and give up on exercising.  If you do not have a big open room and do not want to move furniture, I suggest going outside.  Back yards can be a great exercise room and maybe even give some privacy.  It all depends on what kind of workout you are planning to do.  Below, I have put together some of my workout plan that I do to work on my arms.

Workout Ideas

I like to start with Tricep Dip.  Grab a chair.  Any chair stable chair will do.  Make sure you can put it up against something so it doesn’t move out from under you.   Sit in the chair then grab the edge and stretch your legs out in front of you.  Then move your body forward, with your feet flat and arms bent behind you.  While you hold yourself up, slowly raise and lower yourself, using your triceps.  As you go down, hold it for five seconds.  Do three set of fifteen reps.

Special thanks to WorkoutLabs

Next, I like to do is Arm lifts.  Sit down crisscrossed.  If you do not have dumbbells lying around, you can use soup cans. While holding your dumbbell, lift your arms up. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower toward your hips.  But do not completely touch to your hips.  Do three set of fifteen reps.

arm lift
Special thanks to Popsugar

Last, I like to finish with traditional push ups. After 3 sets of 5 reps, I will stretch.


Special thanks to BuildHealthyBody

This is just some ideas for your workout.  I also do legs, tummy, and yoga for stretching.  I will make more articles with more on my workout ideas.  Let me know what you think in the comment section below and what experiences you have with working out.   Let’s get healthy together!

Special thanks to artdee2554 for cover photo

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