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Vegan Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?

Vegan, which was originally called Veganism, was a small group of vegetarians that were part of a larger group called the Leicester Vegetarian Society. In 1944, they broke away to form the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society is a group of people who chose not to consume foods that were from animal origin as well as not eating meats. This… Continue reading Vegan Diet: Is It a Healthy Diet?


Oranges: Can One of the Healthiest Fruit be Bad in Large Amounts?

Oranges are the most popular, healthiest fruit in the world. In small amounts, it is healthy. Studies have shown that oranges may reduce the risk of chronic conditions, heart disease and even boost immune systems. But large amounts can have many side effects on your overall health. Too much orange juice can cause irregularities in… Continue reading Oranges: Can One of the Healthiest Fruit be Bad in Large Amounts?


Weight Loss: Men vs Women

It is not a myth. Women and men do lose weight very differently. Even the way men and women diet and respond to exercise are different in many ways.  Some of these differences can be blamed on biology while behavior is another factor. For the most part, men have a slight advantage but we as… Continue reading Weight Loss: Men vs Women


Home Remedies for Clearer Skin

We all want the kind of skin where blemishes are non-existent. I want that picture perfect skin that is healthy and flawless. I would love for it to be where we don't have to spend hundreds on skin care products and that our skin naturally glows healthy.  But in the real world, we have to… Continue reading Home Remedies for Clearer Skin

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Imagine It, Achieve It, Become It

A dream might be defined as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.  Each of us have something we want to achieve whether it is a daily goal or an overall enhancement of ourselves.  Achieving small goals or big goals will give you a sense of accomplishment in life and will make you better, successful person.… Continue reading Imagine It, Achieve It, Become It